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Top 10 Vacuums for 2015 Infographic

top 10 best vacuums of 2015 infographic

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1. Dyson DC65: No question about it, this full sized upright is at the top of the line. It has so many features, you’ll wonder if you’ll use them all – until you get it. Then you realize what you’ve been missing. Not only does it have twice the suction of any other vacuum cleaner on the market today, it’s also really easy to maneuver and steer.

2. Shark Rotator: While Shark has recently introduced the Shark Powered Rotator series, which also gets very high ratings, the Shark Rotator Professional 3 in 1 Lift Away is still a consumer favorite. Not only does it have good suction, but it also has a built in lift away canister vacuum, and it can also be used as a handheld.

3. Hoover Air Cordless: Most cordless vacuums are extremely lacking in the power department, but not this one. While it can never compete with a Dyson, it still has plenty of juice to get the job done. It also comes with two batteries included so you can switch them out and have one on the charger while using the other. This means you won’t have to stop cleaning halfway through your house.

4. Dyson DC40 Origin: Though it doesn’t have quite as much suction as the DC65, the mid-sized DC40 has plenty of oomph. It works great on a variety of different floor surfaces including hardwood and the deepest pile carpets and is significantly cheaper than the DC 65.

5. Shark Navigator: Another favorite, the Navigator is just slightly different than the Rotator. It also has a removable canister vac but doesn’t have headlights. Still, it has the same motor, so it’s more than enough to get the job done.

6. Hoover Windtunnel 3 Pro Pet: If you’re on a budget and have pet hair to deal with, the Windtunnel 3 Pro Pet is a good vac to take a closer look at. It has some expensive features like an automatic cord rewind and some great tools with a long extension hose but without the hefty price tag you might expect. It also includes a HEPA filter to help out with the dander.

7. Shark Rocket: If you’re looking for a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner that’s lightweight, the Shark Rocket Ultralight, Deluxe Pro or TruePet might be a good investment for you. Built more like a stick vac or sweeper, the Rocket has a removable extension wand that turns it into an upright, and it functions as a handheld when removed.

8. Oreck XL Commercial: The only bagged vacuum on our top 10 list, the Oreck XL still deserves a spot. It is budget friendly and is a good basic machine. While it doesn’t come with any tools, it is extremely lightweight and has powerful suction, and the bags are cheap.

9. Hoover Windtunnel: The Hoover brand has become synonymous with manufacturing quality vacuums at affordable prices, and this one is definitely in that category. It’s still fairly lightweight for a full-sized upright, comes with a long hose and great tools and will make those household messes and dirt a thing of the past.

10. Bissell CleanView with OnePass: A truly budget-friendly option, the CleanView is a great starter vacuum. If you can’t afford better, you’ll still be doing just fine with this one. It is bagless, comes with some good tools and works great on carpet.