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Hoover Windtunnel 3 Pro Pet Review: Enough for Pet Hair?

Are you looking for an affordable bagless vacuum cleaner that can handle even the worst pet hair problem but don’t want to bust your budget with a Dyson? Then the new Hoover Windtunnel 3 Pro Pet might be the just the solution you need. A top rated vacuum in its class with HEPA filtration and the power to suck up both seen and unseen pet hair and dander, this machine is one heck of a value for a fairly inexpensive price.

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How easy is it to use?

Overall, this popular vac incorporates a very user-friendly design with some very handy attachments and a hose long enough to use them. One thing you’ll find that is especially helpful if you have a combination of different types of carpets and bare floors in your home is the 5-level height adjustment for the base. The control is easy to use and sits right on top of the base of the machine.

Another great feature is the brush roll on / off option, adjusted with a foot pedal on the left side of the base. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, many of the vacuum cleaners on the market today do not have it. What does this mean for you? Having the brushes spin when you’re cleaning carpet is great, as they dig in to the fibers to stir up any debris and dirt so it can be drawn up into the dirt container.

However, if you keep the brushes spinning when you’re vacuuming a hardwood floor or other smooth surface, they have a tendency to fling bits away from the vacuum. If you only have light dirt and dust, you may not notice this, but if you have larger bits on your floor, cat litter for instance, you’re definitely going to notice those little pellets shooting around. With the brush roll off, you only get the suction, so as the machine goes over the pieces, they get sucked right up.

How well does it work on hardwoods?

Since you have the ability to turn off the brush roll on the Hoover Windtunnel Pro Pet, you’ll find it won’t blow dust (or even kitty litter) around on your hardwood floors. Thanks to a good motor, it instead sucks all the dirt and debris away just like it’s supposed to. Also, it has rubber wheels which won’t leave scratches on wood, linoleum or other smooth surfaces.

How well does it work on carpets?

Due to its weight (about 17 pounds), it’s heavy enough so the brush can really dig in and pick out the dirt but not so powerful that it will suck the fibers out and ruin your rugs. It seems to do an equally good job on low-pile carpet (think indoor/outdoor type), deeper piles like shag and everything in between. Of course, at 17 pounds, it’s not the heaviest machine, but it’s certainly no lightweight. In the case of carpet vacuuming, this is a very good thing and certainly means it gets a spot in the top 10.

Since it does not offer edge cleaning like some more expensive models, you may find that while it does get close to baseboards and cabinets, you may need to use the crevice tool to get right up in the tight corners of your house. Taking into account having to do a little extra work versus affordable cost, this is a sacrifice many are more than willing to make.

pet turbo brush

What about allergies?

One of the features that has become close to standard in today’s most popular cleaners is a HEPA filtration system. Even if you don’t have allergies, you really don’t want to be breathing in microscopic particles of dust, dirt, pollen and pet dander and who knows what else. This is a great reason to have a really good vacuum and one reason we rate this in the top ten, especially if you have dogs or cats in your home.

The Windtunnel 3 Pet upright from the popular Hoover brand takes care of this with a washable filter that is made with a HEPA media along with a carbon layer to absorb odors. The HEPA part traps about 99.97% of allergens in your home as small as 0.3 microns (tiny enough so you can’t even see them) and get great ratings for it. This is a huge benefit, especially if you have dogs and / or cats, as their dander and whatever they bring in from outside can be pervasive and really make you sneeze.

pet upholstery toolSpecs

  • Automatic Cord Rewind: Yes
  • Brushroll on/off: yes
  • Cord Length: 27’
  • Extension hose length: 10’
  • Height: 5 level adjustment
  • Power: 12 amps
  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Filters: Washable with HEPA filter
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Product User Manual

hoover windtunnel 3 crevice toolTools Included

  • Long crevice tool
  • Pet upholstery tool
  • Rotating pet power brush

What’s the difference in the models?

The Windtunnel 3 Pro Pet does come in a few different models, which is entirely because of the different color options. The UH70931PC or UH70905PC are red with metallic details, while the UH70935 and UH70905 are red with blue accents on the base and top part of the unit. In other words, color is the only difference in the model numbers.


  • The auto-cord rewind, while a small thing, is a really nice high-end feature that you won’t see when you compare this vacuum with many more expensive models
  • Includes a variety of specialized for picking up tough dog and cat hair, even from upholstered furniture
  • Good suction at an affordable price


In user reviews, the only real complaint seems to be about the design of this machine, particular the height of the base.  The cleaner head is way too thick to fit under low profile furniture, such as getting under your bed. Luckily, it does come with the long hose and attachments, so you should still have no problem getting at those dust bunnies, just not with the main unit.

More than one user review also said this model does not do very well with getting in corners and up to edges. This is especially true on carpeting. More expensive models like the Shark Rotator have great edge cleaning, but of course for more money. Still, we rate this one of the best vacuums for under $200. It has a fairly cheap price tag but is a great overall machine.

Should you buy it?

Overall, this new and improved Hoover is a good value for the money. With a price tag of under $200 on Amazon (& 30% off), you really can’t expect to be able to compare it to vacuums that cost 2 or 3 times as much. That said, it does have some really nice features vs other vacuums, like the pet hair tools, cord rewind and overall heartiness, that usually can be found in more expensive models.

If this vac is a little above your budget, here is our list of Top Vacuums Under $200, where you’ll find some other great options. Others in a similar price class are the Shark Navigator or the Hoover Air Cordless, two incredible machines with great reviews. To take a step down in price, the Oreck Commercial XL and Hoover Windtunnel T Series are also good alternatives. If you definitely need a pet vac, the newest Bissell pet vacuum may be worth your time as well.