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Dyson DC40 Review: Does it Live up to Dyson Quality?

It’s no great surprise that the highly rated Dyson DC40 bagless upright is the second Dyson in our top 10 of the year. With all the power you would expect from this popular brand (though not quite as much suction as the larger DC65) plus the fancy design and features you might expect from a higher price point, the DC 40 is a great all-around vacuum worth your attention.

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Daily Use

One of the things that set this popular machine apart from inexpensive machines is that while it’s not a lightweight, the steering is impeccable. It’s heavy enough, and the brush roller design is good enough, that it easily lifts even ground in dirt from the deepest pile carpets, but it’s still really easy to push and pull around due to the ball technology.

Another feature that justifies the cost is the automatically adjusting cleaner head. This means you can go from hardwood floors or linoleum floors right to carpet of any type without having to do anything. Most vacuums have a dial you need to bend over and turn, but not this one. The head and brush roll automatically adjust without you having to do a thing.

Due to its cyclone design, you’ll find the Dyson DC40 has more than enough power to get any job done. While it doesn’t have as much suction versus the DC 65, it has way more power than any of the other vacuum cleaners on our top ten list, making it a good value and definitely contributes to its high ratings from buyers. It’s also more affordable vs the expensive DC65.

Is it easy to use on stairs?

Because of its long extension hose, you can easily leave the vacuum at the bottom of most staircases and use the tools to clean the actual risers. Unlike budget vacuums, this one does not have a tendency to tip over when the hose is stretched out.

If you do need to carry the machine up or down the stairs, it does only weight about 14 pounds, so it shouldn’t break your back.

dc40 extension hoseWill it scratch my hardwood floors?

Not at all. In addition to having a self-adjusting cleaner head, you can also turn off the brush roll so it won’t run while on your nice smooth floors. This combined with the innovative ball and wheel design means it will never leave a mark on your hardwoods.

What’s the difference between the Multi Floor and Origin models?

The DC40 Origin is a newer model, but the specs are exactly the same as the older Multi Floor version. In other words, they are the same vacuum. There is one difference, and that’s in the color. The Multi Floor was solid yellow on the bottom part of the unit. The newer Origin is gray with a yellow accent.

Does it work well for pet hair?

While this best selling vacuum does not come in an Animal version like many of the other Dysons, it still does a good job on pet hair due to the way the cleaner head seals to the floor surface. Also, while the tools that are included are not specifically designed for scrubbing up dog and cat hair on furniture, they do a pretty good job. If you’re concerned about this, you can buy their patented pet turbine tool as a separate attachment.


  • Power: 200 air watts
  • Dirt container capacity: .42 gallons
  • Filters: Washable and designed to never need replacing
  • Weight: 14.6 pounds
  • Cord length: 24.7 feet
  • Extension hose length: 15.3 feet
  • Tools included: crevice tool with dusting brush and stair tool with a small cleaner head
  • Warranty: 5 years including parts and labor
  • Operating Manual

dyson dc40 vacuum cleanerHow does it handle allergies?

Every vacuum Dyson produces is certified asthma and allergy friendly, meaning they do a great job of ridding your home of allergens like pollen, dust and pet dander. Many HEPA filters allow many particles you may be allergic to pass right through the filter. This won’t happen here due to the excellently sealed system incorporated right into the design.


  • Amazing suction with a lot of power and a cleaner head that seals itself to the floor but is still easy to steer
  • Sturdy enough to clean everything from the smoothest hardwoods without scratching to the deepest shag carpet without you having to manually adjust anything
  • Great at ridding your house of allergens


In buyer reviews, one of the few complaints about the DC 40 is that it does not have a headlight. While it seems like an expensive vacuum like this should have one, we found the other features more than make up for this oversight.

Overall Recommendations

Hands down, we rate this a great vacuum well worth the money and certainly the best vacuum under $400 (Amazon has it on sale for closer to $300) on the market today. While it is essentially the updated version of the DC41, it doesn’t come with the Animal tools that one did (but you can buy them separately). It is also, remarkably, about $300 cheaper than the older model, a welcome budget relief. If you compare the two, this is not only slightly more powerful  but the cheap price (in comparison) makes it one great deal.

In comparison to the #1 Dyson DC65 model, it is a slightly smaller version. If you don’t want to make the bigger spend for the full-size vac, this is definitely the next best choice. Review after review extoll the virtues of this machine, and it’s built to last. Another good option is the DC50, which is the compact version in the latest line from this popular brand.

Bottom line – For the money you’ll spend, this vacuum not only has everything you need to keep you house clean, it’s also a great investment, as it’s built to last for years.

If your budget allows some wiggle room, you may want to take a step up to the Dyson DC65, which is a full-sized model. If you can’t afford a Dyson and need to spend less, the Shark Rotator is a really good lower-priced alternative. While it doesn’t have many of the features, it’s still a good all-around machine. If you’re up for a cordless alternative, you may want to take a look at the new Hoover Air Cordless, which gets great reviews as well.