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Dirt Devil Breeze Cyconic Vacuum Review: Cheap Parts?

If you’re looking for one of the best vacuums under $100 that will get the basic cleaning done and has attachments for dusting and getting into nooks and crannies where dirt hides, you’ll want to take a closer look at the Dirt Devil Breeze bagless upright vacuum. While Dirt Devil has many affordable vacuum cleaners on the market today, this one is truly the best value for a very low price.

When compared to other vacuums from this popular brand, the Dirt Devil Breeze UD70105 gets higher marks than any of them. The Featherlite model, which comes in a bagged and bagless version, is also very popular but is not nearly as well loved in user reviews.

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How easy is to use?

This small and lightweight cyclonic bagless has some nice features making it easy to use on a regular basis. The first thing we really like is that the power button is actually a foot lever. While it’s sometimes nice to have the power button close to your hand, we find that sometimes in that design, it accidentally gets shut off right in the middle of a job. Having the power as a foot lever takes care of this problem.

Like most vacuums you can compare it to, you’ll want to keep the filters clean to not lose suction power. The filters are located under the dirt canister and are easy to remove. One is a paper accordion that you’ll want to bang out inside the trash can. The foam filter is washable. It is recommended to clean these often for optimum performance.

Are there height adjustments for hardwood vs carpets?

This small cyclonic machine does have adjustments for both, but they’re automatic, meaning there are no dials for you to turn or fight with to adjust the height of the head and brush roll. This is a nice feature usually found in only pricey vacs like those from the popular Dyson brand. Its nice Dirt Devil incorporated it into this lightweight vac.

As far as going from carpet to bare floor surfaces, it’s important to know that there is not a way to turn off the brush roll. While you’ll find it still picks up dirt and debris on your hardwood floor, the brush roll will still be turning. This won’t be a problem for most, but if you have kitty litter to pick up, you may find it’s a little more difficult than it would be if the brush roll turned off, thereby eliminating any scatter of the small particles.

How good is it for pet hair?

While it is a very inexpensive vacuum cleaner, the Breeze still does a pretty good job on pet hair. If you have allergies, however, it’s good to know this little vac also includes HEPA filtration. While it does a good job picking up cat and dog hair from hardwood floors and carpet, it’s nice to know it will also help with the flying-around dander due to the HEPA filter.

dirt devil breeze bagless upright vacuum dusting brushWhat about the attachments?

The Breeze comes with two basic attachments that cover most jobs you’ll want to tackle. Like most of its competitors, a crevice tool is included to get into corners and even down behind your couch cushions.

Second, you get a dusting brush which is not only good for dusting. It is just as effective for cleaning off either wood or carpeted stairs so you don’t have to fight with the main unit to get the job done.

Combined with the long 8-foot extension hose, you’ll find you can get into many places and clean things like ceiling fans, the exhaust fan in your bathroom and windowsills and blinds.

dirt devil breeze cyclonic emptying the dirt canisterSpecs

  • Cord length: 25’
  • Filters: Washable with HEPA filter
  • Cleaning path width: 13”
  • Extension hose length: 8’
  • Power: 10 amps
  • Weight: 10.4 lbs.
  • Floor-type adjustment: Automatic
  • Included tools: Crevice tool, dusting brush, extension wand
  • See the Owner’s Manual


  • Inexpensive with good power for the price
  • Handy tools
  • Long cord and wide cleaning path


In more than one user review, the complaint seen most is that this machine tends to blow out dirt if the canister gets too full. To remedy this, make sure you check the dirt container frequently (It’s made of clear plastic, so you won’t need to remove it to check), and empty it before it’s packed full.

Who is it best for?

If you’re looking to spend well under $100, this is a good choice. In fact, it’s one of the best for the money. While it is cheap in comparison to many others, it’s essentially a good basic starter machine. If you’re just starting out or on a tight budget, the Dirt Devil Breeze upright bagless cyconic may be a very good investment for you.

As you would expect, it does not have the fancy features and isn’t as powerful versus a high-priced model, but it does have some elements included, like the on-board tools, that you might not expect for the price. For this reason, we definitely rate it high in our list of the best vacuums under $100. Amazon currently has it on sale for under $50.

For overall performance for the price, it receives very high ratings.

If you can afford a bit more, some great alternatives are the latest Bissell Rewind, the Hoover Windtunnel or the Shark Freestyle, a cordless option.