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What is the Best Vacuum Under $ 200? Top 5 for 2016

So, you’re on a budget. While some people can afford to spend $400 or more on a fancy vacuum like Dyson, not all of us can. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t get a great one that will last you a long time.

Depending on the features and tools you need, you may be happy with just a basic model with powerful suction, or you may have a lot of small spaces to deal with and need the tools necessary to get into them all. If you’re a pet owner, then that’s another special concern to keep in mind. While we love our pets, none of us want to be inundated with cat and dog hair all over our homes on a daily basis.

Finding just the right vacuum can be a challenge, especially if you’re on a tight budget. If you’re looking to spend under $200, this should help.

Top 5 Best Vacuums Under $ 200

  hoover windtunnel bissell cleanview with onepass shark freestyle bissell rewind dirt devil breeze
rating 4.5 stars 4.5 stars 4.5 stars 4.0 stars 4.5 stars
highlights Versatile with lift away canister vac Great on tough pet hair Stick – type vac that acts like a full size Lightweight bagged model with great basic features Good steering and pet hair pickup
sale price $130 – $180 $135 – $170 $180 – $195 $170 – $190 $135 – $150
buy now
power 12 amps 12 amps 10 amps 10 amps 12 amps
tools – extension wand
– crevice tool
– dusting brush
– pet hair power brush
– hard floor duster with 2 pads
– extension wand
– crevice tool
– pet turbo tool
– pet upholstery tool
– extension wand
– dusting brush
– pet upholstery tool
– car detail kit
– hard floor duster
– accessory bag
– wall mount
– none included – extension wand
– pet hair tool
– dusting brush
– crevice tool
bagless check mark check mark check mark   check mark
hepa filter check mark check mark     check mark
auto cord rewind   check mark     check mark

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#1: Shark Navigator Lift Away

Plainly said, the Shark Navigator Lift Away is a great vacuum from this reputable brand, which is one of the many reasons we rate it so high. While it doesn’t have all the whistles and bells vs the popular Rotator from the same company, for under $200, it’s a great alternative.

This qualifies as a lightweight full size model at only 14 pounds, and it incorporates swivel steering, so even though its heavier than some of the other bagless vacs on our list, it’s still easy enough to push and pull do you don’t have to fight with it.

One of the stand-out features that isn’t even found on may more pricey models is the lift away canister, meaning you actually get 2 vacuums for the price of 1. You can use the canister to easily clean stairs and other hard to reach places or to quickly pick up messes without having to drag around the main unit.

#2: Hoover Pro Pet

The Hoover Windtunnel 3 Pro Pet is a new model from Hoover, and it does a really good job on tough pet hair on hardwood floor, carpets and furniture, as its name would suggest, and it has the high ratings to back it up. It comes standard with not only a pet upholstery tools but also a rotating power brush to get the ground in or stuck on cat and dog hair. It works as fine for your sofa as it does on your carpeted stairs.

Also, with the option of turning off the brush roll, you’ll find you won’t have kitty litter getting scattered around by a spinning brush on your bare floors. The addition of a HEPA filter will help with the dander too, which you’ll appreciate if you or your family members suffer from allergies.

As far as regular vacuuming jobs, this bagless machine does a good job as well. With a 4.5 star rating in user reviews, it proves to be a workhorse. At 17 pounds, it is heavy enough to drive the brushes deep into carpet to get out ground in dirt and dust. It also has an edge cleaning feature, meaning you probably won’t need to use the crevice tool to go back over and get the grit from the area close to your baseboards.

#3: Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright

The Shark Rocket Ultralight, while not a full-size upright vacuum cleaner, definitely deserves a spot here. In review after review, it is rated higher than the Shark Rocket Professional full-size by a mile. Users love it because it still has great suction and is so versatile and lightweight versus comparable models.

Even though it looks more like a stick vac, it has the performance of an upright, and it comes with a variety of tools to get into corners and clean furniture. It is especially good on hardwood floors, linoleum, ceramic tile and lower pile carpets.

We like it best because not only is it lightweight, it’s really easy to store. Included is a wall mount, so when not in use, you can just hang it on your wall or in a closet. This is especially nice if you live in a smaller apartment or home where storage space is at a premium.

#4: Oreck XL

The Oreck XL Commercial is the only bagged model on our Top 5 (and Top Ten) list. While some people may think this is a detriment, there are many things we love about this small machine, and the bags are actually really cheap to purchase and seem to last some time before needing replacement.

One thing we love about this one is that while it’s still a full size vacuum cleaner, it only weighs just over 8 pounds. This is amazing for any appliance of the this type, and part of the reason it can be so light is because any plastic that would be used for a bagless dirt canister is replaced by a disposable paper bag.

If you have had back or shoulder problems or you are just sick and tired of hauling around a cleaner that feels more like moving a Buick around your house, this is a great option. While Oreck is often overlooked in the best vacuum category, we find it’s one of the best on the market when we compare it to others, so it’s definitely worth a look.

#5: Bissell Pet Vacuum, 8531 Complete Pet Rewind CleanView with onePass

While this vacuum cleaner is a mouthful, it is a good value for those who have pet hair to deal with and need to spend under $200. As you probably already know, Bissell is a brand known for producing affordable vacuum cleaners that work well for the price.

While it’s certainly no Dyson, if you’re on a budget, this one of the best choices, and it’s downright cheap in comparison. With adequate power to get the job done and great tools including an agitating turbo brush that works great for getting sticky pet hair not only off the floors and carpet but also off cloth upholstery, you’ll find value in this inexpensive machine.

While it’s a little on the heavy side, we found it still easy to steer, and it certainly deserves a spot in our Top 5 Best Vacuums Under $200.