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Best Vacuum under $ 100: Top 5 Ratings for 2016

If you’re looking for a brand new vacuum cleaner and are on a tight budget, this list should help you quite a bit. In looking at all the latest vacuum cleaners from the most popular and best selling brands, conducting tests and collecting user reviews far and wide, we’ve found these gems that are the best of the best under $ 100 for 2016.

Top 5 Best Vacuums Under $100

  hoover windtunnel bissell cleanview with onepass shark freestyle bissell rewind dirt devil breeze
rating 4.0 stars 4.5 stars 4.5 stars 4.0 stars 4.5 stars
highlights Inexpensive with handy attachments Great economy full size vacuum Good cordless lightweight option Good workhorse
with fun features
Basic lightweight vac with nice tools
sale price $80 – $99 $65 – $90 $89 – $99 $85 – $99 $49 – $80
buy now
power 12 amps 12 amps 10.8v battery 12 amps 10 amps
tools – extension wand
– crevice tool
– dusting brush
– powered hand tool
– extension wand
– brush tool
– crevice tool
– none included – extension wand
– crevice tool
– dusting brush
– turbo brush
– extension wand
– crevice tool
– dusting brush
bagless check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark
hepa filter check mark check mark   check mark check mark
cordless     check mark    
auto cord rewind check mark     check mark  

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#1: Hoover Windtunnel T Series

It’s hard to find a really good full size under 100 bucks, but the Hoover UH70120 definitely is in this category and is good value for the money when you compare it with others on the market. With a nice clean design and some very handy attachments, it certainly seems like it should cost more.

hoover windtunnel t series cord rewindSome of the features you’ll find in this highly rated high value machine include a guard on the bumper so your furniture doesn’t get damaged, convenient, and easy to get to controls and (unbelievably!) an automatic cord rewind. While this doesn’t seem like such a big deal, it’s a really nice extra we didn’t expect vs its competitors. If you’ve ever gotten sick of bending and stooping to wind up a cord, you’ll really appreciate this.

Another cool feature is the indicator light that tells you when the filters need to be washed. If you’ve ever lost suction and couldn’t figure out why, it was likely to be blamed on dirty filters. Most of us forget to clean these on a regular basis, and with the Hoover Windtunnel T Series Rewind, you don’t have to.

It also has a washable HEPA filter, which is essential if you or someone in your household suffers from allergies. It seems like all vacuum cleaners should have this feature, but few of them do, especially at such an affordable price.

#2: Bissell Cleanview 9595

Bissell is a well-known brand for making good, inexpensive vacuums, so this one certainly deserves a spot in our top 5 best list. If you’re on a tight budget and need a full size to get the basic work done in your home, this a good one to check out.

The Bissell 9595 with OnePass technology doesn’t have a lot of fancy bells and whistles, but user reviews claim it’s strong enough to suck up just about anything. Instead of being an easy-to-store small appliance, this one is a 15 pound workhorse. Versus those lightweight vacuums, you won’t have any trouble keeping your carpets clean with this one.

As far as suction, more than one review we’ve seen are from users who have owned this Bissell for a long time, and they say it doesn’t clog up, meaning it has suction powerful enough to keep things moving. As long as you keep the filters clean, it should never lose its suction.

It has a full 25’ cord, a very large dirt container, washable filters, and of course (like all the rest on our Best Vacuums Under $100 list), is bagless as well.

#3: Shark Freestyle Cordless Navigator

While the cordless Shark Freestyle isn’t a full-size, it’s still a good investment for under $100. As far as how easy it is to handle, it’s the best. At about 7 pounds with a head that pivots and a low profile, you’re sure to be able to get this small cleaner just about anywhere you need it to go.

In design, it is a stick vac or sweeper – type model, and it performs accordingly. While it doesn’t accommodate tools and attachments, may people buy one with all those bells and whistles and never really use them (Sometimes they just get lost!)

This top 5 machine is very simple and basic in comparison. Along with being cordless, it has 2 speeds for carpet and hardwood floors, and it does the have additional option of turning off the brush roll.

In comparison with other stick vacs on the market, it comes in at a midrange price point, but it’s definitely cheap for the popular Shark brand.

The Freestyle Navigator is a great choice, especially for those who live in tight quarters or have a problem finding adequate storage space. In this way, it’s very convenient because it recharges on its own little stand. You can leave it plugged right in when you’re not using it so it won’t get in your way.

bissell rewind smartclean 58f83 clean carpet sensor#4: Bissell Rewind Smartclean

Bissell has long been known as a maker of budget vacuum cleaners, and the new Rewind SmartClean is no exception. However, this popular brand has really stepped up with this new model and incorporated some features we never expected to see in such an inexpensive machine.

First, it has an automatic cord rewind, which is such a relief. If you’ve ever fought with one of these big clunky cords (and who hasn’t?), you’ll love this.

Second, it has a sensor that tells when the filters need to be cleaned. This is so important because dirty filters inevitably lead to loss of powerful suction, so the reminder is a welcome change.

Third, it also has a sensor telling you when the floor is clean. Unbelievable but true. This is especially handy if you have a lot of pet hair on your floors. Often those pesky dog and cat hairs get ground into the carpet, and they’re hard to see.

These features plus others combined with decent power led us to rate this high on our list of best rated vacuum cleaners under $ 100.

dirt devil breeze bagless upright vacuum dusting brush#5: Dirt Devil Breeze

While the Dirt Devil Breeze cyconic upright bagless vac is the least expensive in our best vacuums under $100 list, it still incorporates some nice features, and users review it with high ratings. It comes standard with a brush, crevice tool and 8’ extension hose, so you’re not just stuck with a big machine that won’t get into corners, crannies and nooks.

Speaking of big heavy machines, this one comes in at just over 10 pounds, so it is truly a lightweight and easy to lift if you find you need to move it up and down the stairs. Weight is a factor so many people don’t think of when shopping for a new vacuum cleaner, but in reviews, a heavy weight is a huge complaint you may not even be aware of until you use it a few times.

It’s great if you need a good basic vac, something to get you started or if you have a smaller home or apartment with basic cleaning needs (although it is reported in reviews that it does a pretty good job on pet hair as well).