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10 Tips to Make Vacuuming Faster & Easier

While cleaning can seem to be a daunting task, keeping in mind a few simple tips can make it go much faster so you can actually enjoy the home you have instead of feeling like a slave to it. With that in mind, here are some helpful hints that will make the job a breeze:

  1. Pick up first: The less mess in your way, the faster your vacuuming job will go. Put toys away (including any dog and cat toys), put stray shoes in the closet or shoe rack. Make sure there are no paperclips or large bits of paper on your office floor. Doing a quick walk through of your home prior to getting started will not only make the job go faster, you’ll also spend less time being frustrated over something getting stuck in the vacuum and having to take the time to clear it. Also, pick up all the area rugs and give them a good shake outside. Even if you’re using the vacuum on them, this will help give you a jump start.
  2. Go slow: Even though many modern vacuums can handle fast passes, you’ll get better results from slowing down. Vacuuming slower gives the motor and brush heads a better chance to pick everything up, resulting in you needing to make fewer passes over the same area to get it just as clean.
  3. Use the right tools: Vacuuming the sofa? Use the upholstery brush or any brush attachment if your machine doesn’t have one made just for that purpose. This will brush out any ground in dirt that has gotten trapped in the fibers as well as help you get between the cushions. Use the crevice tool to do your baseboards and get into corners and edges where the vacuum won’t reach. The crevice tool also works great for window sills and tracks of sliding glass doors.
  4. Keep an eye on the bag or dirt container: It’s no revelation that a full vacuum won’t work as well. Prior to getting started, see that the filter is clean and the dust bin is empty or that the bag has plenty of room for collection. This will make your work go faster and also make your vacuum cleaner last longer.
  5. Get it in order: The order in which you clean your home can have a huge impact on how much time it takes to get it clean. Working from top to bottom is a good place to start. Vacuum the drapes, ceiling fans, blinds and any furniture first. That way if anything escapes, it falls to the floor and you’ll get it later. Next, run the crevice tool over your baseboards. You can also do this while vacuuming the floor as you go of course.
  6. Spot clean: If you track dirt onto the kitchen floor, grab the vac and pick it up ASAP before it gets tracked all over your living room carpet. Picking up messes as they occur will make your big cleaning day go so much more smoothly and save you some headaches and time.
  7. Do it often: This one seems obvious, but many of us detest cleaning and will put it off way too long. However, if you vacuum once every week whether or not it looks like it’s needed, you’ll not only have a very quick job on your hands, but your floors and carpets will last longer.
  8. Pay more attention to high traffic areas: There are areas in your home that are the hub of more activity than others. These generally include entryways and hallways to name a few. If you buzz over these areas more often, it will keep dirt from being tracked around too much, so pay special attention to the places where people and pets walk most.
  9. Maintain your vacuum: Not only should you clean the filter regularly and make sure the bag or dirt container is empty, you should also do a routine inspection to make sure the belt is still viable and there are no loose parts or screws. Also check the cord and plug to ensure there is no wear. This is also a good time to clean out the brush roll if it has accumulated any hair or other debris that tends to get wound up in it.
  10. Use the right settings: Most vacuums have settings which are either a number or a high/low type dial. Use the lowest setting for hardwood and other bare floors. Use the highest for deep pile carpets and a mid-range for regular or low pile carpet. You want the vacuum base plate to be just high enough to clear the floor covering but low enough to suck up the dirt. Keeping the right setting will ensure the best cleaning.